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Continuous innovation leads the sustainable development of "diamond glass"

Guangdong Diamond Glass Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech private enterprise specializing in the R & D, production and sales of high-tech glass products. Relying on continuous management and technological innovation, Vajra glass has undertaken a number of scientific and technological research tasks of the country and Guangdong Province, obtained a number of achievements and transformed them into products, filling a number of domestic gaps, and its products have been applied in more than 200 domestic and foreign engineering projects. For this reason, Huicong fire interviewed Mr. Zhuang Dajian, chairman of Guangdong Jinggang Glass Technology Co., Ltd., who unveiled the mystery of "Jinggang glass" always standing in the leading position in the industry

long history and scientific management

Guangdong Jingang Glass Technology Co., Ltd. has a history of 16 years. Chairman Zhuang said that as early as 1992, the company had begun to engage in the deep processing of glass and the design and installation of glass curtain walls. In 2000, it has formed a collectivized business scale. In 2001, the King Kong Glass Curtain Wall company under the group company was restructured and established as a joint-stock company, which is now Guangdong King Kong Glass Technology Co., Ltd. After the establishment of the joint-stock company, most of the high-quality resources of the group company have been concentrated, and the scientific research work has always been placed at the forefront of operation and management. With no less than one new product on the market every year, the strength of market development has been strengthened, so that the enterprise can develop steadily, the business scale continues to expand, and the performance continues to rise, As a result, the operating efficiency of the company, which is one of the few special engineering plastics used, has been improved year by year

achieving good performance cannot be separated from scientific management: "take science and technology as the guide; take quality as the center; take management as the basis, continue to improve, in order to meet the increasingly improving quality requirements of customers; people-oriented, full participation, compliance with laws and regulations, prevention first, continuous improvement, and strive to create an environment-friendly, healthy and safe production site and products." This is the enterprise management policy of diamond glass. It is precisely in this way that the company is positioned as a high-tech enterprise, developing and producing safety, environmental protection and energy-saving products that meet the current needs, which is the basis for the stable development of diamond glass and the continuous expansion and development of its business scale

diamond glass has passed the international certification of iso9001/iso14001/ohsas18001 three management systems; It has been listed in the national torch plan as a key high-tech enterprise, China's excellent private science and technology enterprise, the national enterprise and institution intellectual property pilot unit, Guangdong excellent high-tech enterprise, Guangdong cleaner production enterprise, Guangdong manufacturing informatization project demonstration enterprise, Shantou key industrial enterprise and Shantou excellent private enterprise

relying on technological innovation and taking the road of connotative and sustainable development

glass curtain walls of various forms and structures in modern buildings are widely used because of their beauty, elegance and easy maintenance, but designers are often troubled by another problem in their design: how to solve the problem of glass curtain wall fire prevention? It is expensive to import fireproof glass from abroad. After three years, diamond glass has successfully developed a single piece of high-strength fire-proof glass, with excellent performance comparable to similar foreign products. Vajra glass is so indomitable, dare to think and dare to do on the road of technological innovation

at present, relying on technological innovation and taking the road of connotative and sustainable development, diamond glass has successfully developed a large number of new building glass products with safety, energy saving, fire prevention, bomb prevention and other functions, as well as special glass products of three yuan NCA materials, and has been widely used in curtain walls, door and window partitions, fire curtain walls, fire door and window partitions and other construction projects at home and abroad. Over the past 16 years since its establishment, Vajra glass has undertaken a number of scientific and technological research tasks in the country and Guangdong Province, filling a number of domestic gaps, and its technical level ranks in the leading position in China. The company has no fewer than 30 projects in technology, R & D and innovation. Especially since 2001, the company has invested a huge amount of money every year in R & D to develop a series of security products such as fire prevention, explosion prevention and hurricane prevention, as well as solar photovoltaic glass products, diamond high-strength fire-proof steel profiles and diamond high-strength steel frames developed since 2006 and 2007, which have achieved great success, And has entered the industrialization stage

chairman Zhuang takes technicians abroad for a period of time every year to see exhibitions, foreign building structures, understand the trend of new technology, consult foreign experts, conduct market research, and think about timely adjustment strategies

the honor of attracting attention from high-quality products

diamond glass puts no less than one new product on the market every year, continuously maintains the quality advantage of the product, enhances the strength of market development, and enables the enterprise to develop steadily. For example, the high-strength single-chip cesium potassium fire-proof glass, high-strength single-chip low radiation coating fire-proof glass, bomb proof glass, fire-proof and explosion-proof glass, steel frame system, security warehouse, solar photovoltaic glass and other products developed by diamond glass have passed the fire and explosion prevention and relevant tests of relevant testing institutions at home and abroad

the fireproof glass of diamond glass meets gb15763. 1 and bs476 standards. Single piece can be used for curtain walls, doors and windows, with excellent fire resistance, high strength, high light transmittance and good weather resistance; It can be used for secondary processing to synthesize laminated glass, insulating glass and other safety glass products, and its fire-proof glass has passed the Chinese standard gb15763. 1 and British standard bs476; It has passed the testing of national testing institutions in Japan, South Korea, Singapore and other countries, and reached the designated national standard testing indicators

it is reported that the "high-strength single-chip cesium potassium fireproof glass" of diamond glass is a national key new product and an enterprise leading product. It has obtained national invention patents, leading the domestic technology level, and its market share is leading the domestic market. The entrance is also low, and it has been included in the key national Torch Plan projects, the national key technological transformation "double high and one excellent" projects, the national innovation fund loan discount interest, and the Ministry of construction scientific and technological achievements promotion and transformation projects; The successful development of this new product has promoted the revision of five national (industrial) standards or specifications, such as the technical code for the application of building glass, the technical code for glass curtain wall engineering, safety glass for building? Fireproof glass, and the code for fire protection design of high-rise buildings, and solved the fire protection problem of glass curtain walls, which has been plagued for a long time. Some performance indexes even exceed those of imported products

it is with high-quality products that King Kong has won many honors: 3 national key new products and 1 national torch plan project; Five new products have been identified through provincial scientific and technological achievements, and have won two second prizes of Guangdong Provincial Scientific and technological progress award, one second prize of Guangdong provincial excellent new product award, three first prizes of Shantou scientific and technological progress award, and one third prize of Shantou scientific and technological progress award; 18 patents have been applied for, and 8 have been authorized. The development of "high-strength monolithic cesium potassium fireproof glass" won the independent innovation achievement award of the China Federation of overseas Chinese, the second prize of the Guangdong Provincial Science and technology award, the second prize of the Guangdong provincial excellent new product award, and the first prize of Shantou scientific and technological progress award; Guangdong patent Excellence Award, Shantou Patent Gold Award

independent development towards the world

low and medium grade fine ore is favored by the market. Chairman Zhuang believes that independent development of the international market is a major change in export sales. Over the past decade, the products independently developed by Guangdong Jingang Glass Technology Co., Ltd. have had a certain impact on the overseas market, giving customers a good impression, and Jingang glass is steadily advancing to the Japanese market, It is believed that the products of diamond glass will get better sales performance in Japan in 2008. At present, in the field of glass, European technology and modeling are at the forefront of the world, and King Kong's goal is to catch up with and surpass the international level. Chairman Zhuang said that in the United States and Europe, diamond glass is also negotiating with relevant suppliers to strive for the early introduction of diamond glass products to the U.S. and European markets

diamond glass has a solid foundation. With technological innovation and product innovation, it has attracted many attention, and has also achieved a well-known brand of diamond. Finally, here we wish Guangdong Jingang Glass Technology Co., Ltd. to go further and better

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