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Innovating modern packaging equipment technology to improve paper mill operation (Part 2)

2 s service

pac O force measurement deformation; MS company can not only provide various completion equipment, but also provide engineering consulting and turnkey engineering from project design to equipment procurement. One of the most important competitive advantages of S is to try to carry out targeted design according to the requirements of users without increasing investment costs

s many devices have been used continuously for 15 years, working 2-3 shifts a day, 7 days a week. Our long-term working experience enables our engineers to get involved in various production processes and products, combine past experience with modern technology, and find the most appropriate way for each user's needs. Our products meet the two most important requirements price and automation. Through careful discussion with customers, our engineering designers can always meet the requirements of users and provide reliable equipment

2.1 market trend

1 Flat paper stack packaging and transportation

steel belt banding will gradually disappear, and will be replaced by steel belt banding. The reason is that the steel strip is difficult to handle, and it will cause danger to operators, rust on the package, no flexibility, etc. The rubber belt is more flexible, and the packaging belt itself has better performance, higher strength, easy to handle, no danger, recyclable, and more reliable machine operation

2. Film packaging

stretch film packaging is suitable for short distance transportation. Shrink film packaging is often used for long-distance transportation. Another important factor of shrink film packaging is that it is not important to tape, because shrink film packaging itself is a kind of solid packaging. This means that the cost of packaging materials is reduced, and the tape and wooden cover plate can be omitted

3. Paper order packaging

economical multi specification paper order packaging production line, 10 ~ 12 orders/min, easy to operate, low maintenance, high flexibility, low investment cost. Users can get the maximum output of the machine without maintenance downtime

in response to the first demand of the market, s developed a new concept packaging machine - A4 and flat plate multi specification order/stack combined packaging machine. The system includes two main parts. If it is abnormal, please contact our customer service personnel, namely, the packaging machine (s.a.m.2000) and the paper stack stretch film packaging machine

s.a.m.200 is similar to POM and hips. 0 the new order packaging machine is a semi-automatic model, but only requires the operator to manually input the paper order. With the help of the air pushing device, the operator can push the paper order 200mm and feed it into the input device. At this position, the machine automatically feeds the paper order to the packaging material (kraft paper or composite film). The packaging materials are cut into the required size in the machine for standby

the machine first wraps the paper order into a barrel shape and adheres it with hot melt adhesive, and then sends the paper order to the next station to complete the package packaging. Then use the conveyor to transport the paper bags to the wooden pallet of the elevator outside the machine, and stack them into a paper stack in a perfect shape

The second part of the system consists of a conveyor and an automatic paper stack stretching film packaging machine. The stretching film packaging machine is equipped with a bridge structure, a packaging arm, a unwinding frame, and an automatic film clamping and cutting device

the bridge structure adopts a special design, with 4 pillars, which can withstand large pressure. The packaging arm is controlled by a motor, which ensures startup and impact mitigation through electronic control. The maximum speed is 30R/min. On the upper part of the packaging arm, the motor is installed on the opposite side of the film distributor to control the up and down operation of the unwinding rack. The design purpose is to achieve a better balance of the rotating packaging arm. The speed is controlled by the electronic device, which determines the overlapping degree of the winding packaging film

the electronic mechanical pre stretching device can reduce the consumption of packaging materials and give more effective play to the elasticity of the stretched film

s Chinese users

s company's business in China has just begun. In a very short time, two orders have been obtained, and one of them has been put into production, namely Suzhou jinhuasheng paper. The second production line will be put into operation in Hunan Yueyang paper mill. We have introduced the packaging system of s to many well-known paper mills in China. We believe that more and more paper mills will realize the importance of product packaging. An economical and flexible packaging system like s.a.m.2000 will become a star of cross century packaging

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