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Innovation is the driving force for the development of diamond tool enterprises

as we all know, the industrialization of diamond tools has experienced various industrial transfers from developed countries in Europe and the United States, to Japan, to South Korea, and then to China since the 1960s. It is well known in China that the industrialization of diamond tools has experienced from developed countries in Europe and the United States, to Japan, to South Korea As for the previous industrial transfers in China, the domestic industry started in the 1990s. Although it started late, after about 20 years of development, the diamond tool industry has occupied a decisive position in the international market. These achievements are inseparable from the revolutionary technological changes of all colleagues here, especially the upstream industry, and the joint efforts of association leaders and enterprises. Especially in recent years, there have been some gratifying changes in the development momentum of the industry

first, the diamond tool manufacturing industry is developing from simple cluster to intensive

yesterday, chairman Yin Yuhang mentioned that China is currently engaged in the use of electric folding machine 2 There are a large number of enterprises in the diamond tool industry of zero contact screw, which is located behind the rising angle instigation board. The market competition is increasingly fierce, and even reached a simple price competition situation. However, this competition also has a positive side. At the same time, the competition is also further promoting the technological progress of enterprises, and even forcing enterprises to increase their strength in lean, low consumption and high quality, It has also played a positive role in the development of the whole industry

second, the trend of industry segmentation and enterprise specialization is becoming increasingly obvious

with the rapid development of the national economy, the segmentation and specialization of downstream industries are becoming higher and higher, the end users of diamond tools are becoming more and more mature and professional, and the personalized demand for tools is becoming more and more clear, which will also drive the development of industry segmentation and specialization of tool manufacturing industry. Who conforms to the market demand during this period, who will grasp the pulse of the market and make great progress. I was very impressed by Mr. Jiang's speech in Zhengzhou Xinya yesterday. Industry segmentation and field segmentation itself are an extension of specialization, and the phenomenon of a product hitting the world will become history

third, the rapid upgrading of industrial technology and equipment

especially in the past two years, with the increasing degree of social aging and the entry of post-90s people into society, the original technical equipment can no longer meet the needs. At the same time, the continuous improvement of the specialization of the equipment manufacturing industry provides a guarantee for the upgrading of technical equipment in the diamond tool manufacturing industry. The professionalization and upgrading of technical equipment is reflected in two aspects: the emergence of high-precision equipment and the popularity of automation equipment

fourth, the third industrial transfer of diamond tool manufacturing industry began to appear

for the diamond tool manufacturing industry, today in developed countries in Europe and the United States is our tomorrow, which is a development law. Two very important factors for the re emergence of domestic industry transfer depend on the development of China's national economy and the economic development of third countries. With the regulation of domestic resource materials and the pressure of costs, the demand for industrial transfer begins to appear. At the same time, with the economic development of third countries and the expansion of market demand, industrial transfer has become a necessity

the above is my understanding of the development trend of diamond tool industry, which is mainly positive. Of course, we cannot deny that there are still many deficiencies behind the vigorous development. Yesterday, chairman Yin Yuhang has summarized it very comprehensively. I want to elaborate from three aspects

first, there are many enterprises in the industry, but they are large but not strong

in the early 1990s, the domestic diamond tool manufacturing industry began to start, and it is also the best market entry period for industry practitioners. By getting rid of the monopoly position of Japanese and Korean enterprises in the domestic market, practitioners also obtained rich profits and made great progress. However, in recent years, a large number of practitioners have entered the market, and the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Of course, full competition is conducive to promoting the overall development of the industry, but we cannot avoid the fact that the increase in industry practitioners is, to a large extent, a simple fission, a simple replication of capital and technology, with few qualitative changes

second, the high-end technology and products of the industry are still in the hands of developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan

any industrial transfer in the international field involves helplessness, inevitability, but also strategy. As for the diamond tool manufacturing industry, practitioners in developed countries in Europe and the United States will not take the initiative to break their monopoly position and give up profits. However, with its cost pressure and the development of foreign technology and economy, its dominant position in the competition is gradually reduced, and the industrial transfer is inevitable. At the same time, it also contains many helplessness of foreign practitioners. On the other hand, behind the inevitability of industrial transfer, there is also its strategy, which is a transfer of resources and human costs. High end technologies and products are still in the hands of developed countries such as Europe and the United States. For example, in aerospace, electronics and many other fields, products in these fields still have high added value

third, the construction of international brands and channels still needs to be strengthened

from the perspective of the development of the whole industry and market distribution, at present, domestic enterprises are still in a disadvantageous situation in the essential competition that infringes on the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong in the international market, especially in developed countries such as Europe and the United States. After years of development, they have been relatively mature in brand and channel construction. Industrial transfer to a large extent has become a kind of capacity transfer, and European and American countries still gain higher benefits in brand and channel

the above views are my personal views. Because I have been engaged in diamond tool manufacturing for a short time, some views will be biased. But I believe that this is a necessary stage for the development of vulnerable parts in the industry of a developing country. 5: sheet metal. If you calm down and do a solid job, this stage will be greatly shortened. How to correctly analyze the current situation and development trend of the industry and make good use of the situation is also a necessary condition for maintaining the healthy development of enterprises. Now let me talk about the situation of Boshen Tools Co., Ltd. and share with you. I joined the family of Boshen tools in 2002. During these 10 years of work, I experienced the rapid development of the company to the stage of successful listing. What impressed me most during this period? That is innovation

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