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Innovation leads the reform of the electrical supply side, and Delixi Electric promotes the new products of the navigator series

in April 2016, Delixi Electric, the leading enterprise of low-voltage electrical appliances, solemnly launched the new masterpiece of the navigator series cdc19s switching capacitor contactor and cdq3hb dual power automatic transfer switch again, meeting the needs of economic development, quality improvement, efficiency improvement, transformation and upgrading with the revolutionary quality of the industry. Among them, cdc19s has broken the technology 1 of domestic mainstream products in the past 30 years The range can be adjusted to achieve a comprehensive improvement in cost performance; The new cdq3hb overturns the status quo that similar domestic products have not been upgraded for more than a decade, and comprehensively upgrades the user experience

it is reported that this is another expansion and improvement of the product line after the company took the lead in launching the industry's disruptive product navigator Series in 2014, achieving continuous hot sales, and being highly praised and recognized by dealers, users and industry authoritative media, once again leading domestic similar products to a new level of development. Through the continuous launch of innovative products, Delixi Electric actively implements the national strategic action plan of improving quality, increasing varieties and creating brands, leads the expansion of effective supply on the electrical supply side, and helps the development of the 13th five year plan and the construction of a well-off society in an all-round way

international leading standards, refresh the new height of electric made in China

during the 13th Five Year Plan period, China's economic development will focus on improving the quality and efficiency of development, and the task of expanding effective supply is arduous. As the neurons of infrastructure and power transmission and distribution systems in different industries, low-voltage electrical products are also developing in the direction of high quality, high reliability and beautification, and the demand for medium and high-end applications continues to increase

(New cdc19s switching capacitor contactor of navigator Series)

Delixi Electric always aims at the international benchmark enterprises in the same industry and constantly introduces innovative products that lead the development of the industry. By integrating global advantageous resources, carrying the industry-leading technology platform, and integrating efficient and excellent industrial design, the new cdc19s switching capacitor contactor of the navigator series has refreshed the development of similar products in China. By indicating the calibration zero point, optimizing the resistance value of the resistance wire, and using automatic production and testing equipment to control the quality of key parts, the electrical life can be improved by 50%, and the products are more durable! 115a specification is added, and the control capacity is increased to 60KVAR, which can meet the demand of higher control capacity. With more superior performance and longer service life, the new cdc19s has successfully created a perfect operation experience and effectively reduced customer procurement costs. In order to ensure that all products meet the high standards of research and development, Delixi Electric adopts the internationally leading automatic manufacturing and testing equipment, and the product quality is more excellent

in addition, the tool free design makes the operation of the product simple and easy to maintain, and also saves customers more costs: the unique slider design allows one hand tool free loading and unloading, which saves worry; Up and down double hole wiring, greatly improving the firmness and efficiency of wiring, rest assured; Windows design, easy to grasp the running state, peace of mind. The integrated sign, red logo and resistance wire sleeve are smooth and beautiful. While achieving a breakthrough in performance parameters, the navigator cdc19s series also integrates industrial design aesthetics and humanized use concepts into the products

the disruptive quality of the industry helps the all-round development of the 13th five year plan

with the comprehensive implementation of the 13th five year plan, China will further promote the construction of new urbanization and the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure, so as to ensure the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects. High rise buildings, hospitals, airports, wharves and many other places that use dual power supplies will greatly increase the demand for power safety and sustainability, as well as the miniaturization of installation space. However, since the introduction of dual power supply in the market in the 1990s, there has been no significant leap in technology, which obviously cannot better meet the requirements of economic and social development

(pilot series new cdq3hb series dual power switch)

based on the accurate control of customer demand trends, after several years of innovative research and development, Delixi Electric pilot's new cdq31, first of all, daily maintenance HB series dual power switch came into being. Continuing the industry-leading design concept of the navigator family, the cdq3hb series has achieved an overall improvement and breakthrough in product performance, aiming to change the current situation of China's dual power market. The controller industry takes the lead in providing three functions of generator startup, fire control and mutual standby as standard, innovating and upgrading the quality, and creating an exclusive experience of high-end products; The mechanism material is upgraded to medium carbon steel, and new positioning support parts are added, with a service life of more than 10000 times and a new height of reliability; The industry's first tripping alarm design and electric reclosing of tripping fault keys make the equipment fault known at the first time, and the safety is more guaranteed

at the same time, as a new product with the purpose of customer satisfaction, cdq3hb series also adopts many unique humanized designs: the hoist type mounting hole installed by the customer alone, the patented roller adjustable swing considering the reliability of the product, the positioning slider of the interchangeability consistency of the circuit breaker, the extended operating handle with insulating sleeve considering the comfort and safety of the customer, etc Customized for customers everywhere

in addition, in order to meet the requirements of customers for the rise and fall of operating costs under the new normal. The products have complete specifications, high and low sections, and customers choose more economically. The controller integrated secondary wiring terminal is not only fashionable and beautiful, but also significantly smaller than similar products, which perfectly improves the utilization of customers' limited installation space

one of the requirements of the 13th five year plan for the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industry is to follow up the benchmark upgrading equipment and technology of international peers and promote the research and development of medium and high-end application fields. Delixi Electric industry takes the lead in adopting global advantageous resources and leading technologies, and continues to launch the navigator series, seizing the victory and pursuing the attack, with a strong endurance of the 13th five year plan. In the future, we will continue to expand the application of new technologies, new equipment and new materials according to the unstable market demand trend of the parison, and continue to refresh the new height of China's electrical industry with innovative R & D and craftsman level process automation manufacturing. Ruan Tao, R & D director of Delixi Electric, said

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