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Innovation is the soul of packaging design

with the sustainable development of China's economy, people's living standards are changing, people's aesthetic concepts are changing, and people's requirements for life are also changing. Consumers' love of the new and dislike of the old in commodity packaging, as well as their new understanding of the brand, are related to the advancement of packaging design, where innovation is the soul. In particular, Chinese enterprise brands have begun to move more and more towards the world market

design innovation is a hot topic in the design industry. Truly innovative packaging design should be appropriate, perfectly realize the creative intention, reflect the characteristics of the times, endow design culture and national style, including enterprise essence and product characteristics, make people convinced, and can instantly resonate with consumers

packaging and decoration design is not only about beautiful appearance, but also about introducing the characteristics of products through visual images. Establish and stabilize its positioning in the market, and finally achieve the purpose of improving sales. A successful packaging design can lead enterprises into a new development process and open up a new market. Therefore, innovative packaging design is not just a beautiful decoration. The functions it contains play an important role in the highly competitive market. A perfect and successful packaging design will not happen by chance. It must be the result of the joint creation of visionary entrepreneurs and excellent professional designers

innovation consciousness is an important link in the design concept. Innovation consciousness will never sleep. But the success of packaging design can promote the greater success of marketing. For example, "recoverable" packaging appearance adopts indigo tone. Color association comes from Chinese blue calico, and is expressed in small freehand brushwork of Chinese painting. The whole image is both traditional and modern, with simple and elegant colors and no lack of trends. The main body and symbolic graphics of the "recoverable" sign are eye-catching. The success of "recoverable" is not only the success of sales, but also the success of packaging. But how many products in the market have no good sales performance due to the failure of appearance packaging design and the lack of innovative ideas, coupled with the lack of marketing ability, the failure of products is doomed. The innovation of commodity packaging design should clearly convey information, express quality, be unique and outstanding, appropriately express market positioning and stimulate senses, and contain rich design culture

design culture is the basis of packaging design innovation. Design innovation has a market only if the test pieces are cylinders based on culture. Our emphasis on culture in design innovation is to make the visual language more emotional, more connotative, more understandable and more personalized. For example, the logo of Phoenix Satellite TV Chinese station borrows the traditional dragon and Phoenix graphics, and uses the unique structural form of "happy meeting" in China, reflecting a thick cultural heritage. The relatively round wings of Phoenix and bird are very dynamic, reflecting the characteristics of modern media. The logo design of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games bid also incorporates the connotation of ancient Chinese calligraphy and martial arts culture

for a long time, our art design education focuses on aesthetics and skill education, and the social guidance of art design makes our designers not pay attention to the vitality of design art - innovation. In an environment where designers have lost their sense of innovation, how can we talk about the progress of public thinking, even the progress of science and technology? Today's society is dominated by economic challenges, and the lack of innovation means the loss of the opportunity to win. Packaging design, regardless of China's foreign, historical, modern and respected packaging, is achieved with healthy, positive and rich cultural connotation. Packaging design is also a part of corporate culture. Packaging without cultural flavor is like a body without spiritual soul, a tangible and godless zombie. A good packaging designer must express the internal spirit of the enterprise and form a unique corporate culture. Therefore, packaging design should have international cultural vision, Chinese cultural characteristics, and meet the needs of the era of knowledge economy. Only with culture can we innovate on the basis of culture; Innovation can further promote the development of design culture

the innovation of packaging design should be rooted in the soil of the nation. As a part of corporate culture, packaging design is both practical and artistic. The innovation of packaging design is inseparable from folk custom and nationality. We talk about packaging innovation, which is based on the long history of national culture behind us. The success of Hong Kong designer Chen Youjian lies in rooted in national culture and grasping the cultural essence of the Chinese nation. In the design innovation, those with national characteristics often reflect the uniqueness of packaging personality, and have obvious regional characteristics. The main patterns of "Ashima" and "Hilton" packaging have obvious regional and folk characteristics; French "brandy" and Chinese "Moutai" also have obvious national characteristics in packaging; Similarly, "Jianlibao" in China and "Coca Cola" in the United States also have the same merits

the innovation of packaging design is the inheritance and development of national characteristics. Every nation has its own characteristics: Americans' luxury, boldness and innovation; The classicism, conservatism and luxury of the British; The shrewdness and elegance of the Japanese; Germans are calm, implicit and rigorous; French romance. And the imagination of Italians can be seen at a glance. The cultural origin of our Chinese nation cannot be covered up. What is national is the world. Firmly grasp the regional characteristics of national culture, skillfully use it in the design, and use the internal relationship of the expressed theme. Pay attention to the innovation of product packaging and design. The traditional design symbols of our nation always have some permanent themes, such as dragon, Phoenix, lion, cloud pattern, thunder pattern, vortex pattern, etc., and their forms of expression, that is, their modeling methods, often have distinctive characteristics of the times and national and regional characteristics with the replacement and transformation of each historical Dynasty. For example, the image of dragon in traditional patterns is different from Dynasty to Dynasty and has changed from generation to generation. The primitive dragon is ancient and clumsy, the mysterious and solemn Kui dragon on the bronze ware in the slave society, the galloping and elegant dragon in the Han and Wei dynasties, the full and magnificent dragon in the Sui and Tang Dynasties, the standard and solemn dragon in the Song Dynasties, the vigorous dragon in the Yuan Dynasty, and the cumbersome and dignified dragon in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. This extension of "form" is the inheritance and extension of the national motif, is also the national soil for packaging design innovation, and is a new form given by the new aesthetic concept of the new era

market awareness and advanced concept are important prerequisites for packaging design innovation. Market economy is a competitive market, and consumer demand is diversified. Packaging design is not only to convey commodity information to meet the basic consumption of consumers, but also to enter the potential consciousness of consumers. The main goal should be to cater to the market, people's aesthetic concepts and consumer psychology. Designers must enter the market, understand the market, be familiar with the market, grasp the context of the market, find new highlights of design from the market, and find the artistic language of design innovation. Such packaging design works must follow the market and meet the requirements of the market. Market conscious packaging design can also create popularity. Popularity is independent of the market. And have a great impact on the market. So that the market should be subject to fashion. The market is a competitive market. Whoever has an advantage in popularity can take the initiative in the market. If packaging design can be pasted into the market, improve the artistic value of products, adapt to the pleasure of the market, and organically combine the innovative orientation of packaging design with the market orientation, there may be a popular market effect

packaging design can keep up with the development of the times only if we firmly establish the awareness of the market and have advanced ideas. Sony Corporation of Japan first proposed the principle of creating the market and dominating the market in terms of design concept. This concept is completely based on people's potential needs to actively explore the market and guide consumption fashion, which is the perfect embodiment of the advanced consciousness. Advance is important for packaging design. Always young, always full of vitality, always the leader of the market. The packaging design innovation of products is fundamentally utilitarian in order to win market share

we emphasize the advanced concept of designers, which can make packaging design go ahead of the market and the times with products. Making things behind closed doors is not about innovation. We have to go to society, enter the market, innovate in comparison, and take a road that others have not taken. Innovation lies in thinking more. Think more, dare to think, imagine, and think more about the design and creation of their own packaging. It doesn't matter to gradually improve the consumption rate with all kinds of design thinking, even whimsical. Except dare to think. We should also be good at thinking more and coming up with new ideas. Inspiration. New ways of expression. Nowadays, with the rapid development of science and technology, the continuous deepening of commodity production and modern market economy, our packaging has also shown a new trend. Such as series packaging, combination packaging, easy to carry and open packaging, promotional packaging, etc. If we lack market awareness and advanced ideas, where can we start our packaging design innovation

the innovation of packaging design is often the perfect embodiment of original thinking and innovation in the throes of self denial. Most people who engage in art design can better find the designer's distinctive personality and unique design style in the performance process of works, which is the result of the designer's innovative consciousness. Packaging design has its practicality, visual artistry and originality. Packaging in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Western Europe. It is not difficult to find that this is the obvious reason why we participated in the sunshine power project and helped it become a reality, which lies in our personal style and regional characteristics. Especially Japanese packaging design. Uniqueness and personalization are very distinct, even a designer has a design style feature. From this point of view, when we talk about the innovation of packaging design, we first require designers to have a unique consciousness. The formation of original consciousness is not an occasional flash of inspiration, but also established through years of observation, understanding, collection, accumulation and thinking. It is neither imitation nor simple superposition. It's right to inherit and learn from the success of our predecessors. But it is wrong to fall into imitation. Qi Baishi said, "those who learn from me live, and those who resemble me die." What we emphasize is that designers should have unique ideas, dare to take a new path, and highlight their unique personality

only through innovation can design maintain its vitality and market share. Originality is, in the final analysis, continuous exploration, continuous discovery and continuous innovation. Of course, sometimes the so-called level of material testing machine in the innovation process is based on JJG 139 ⑴ 999 "verification regulation of tensile force, pressure and universal testing machine", which is also a new self process in which designers constantly deny themselves and then constantly create themselves, just like Phoenix Nirvana. The self denial and self creation of packaging designers mainly refer to the negation of ideas and design methods. To be unconventional means not to stick to traditional rules. To open a new way is to be constantly new in constant change. Seek development in constant innovation, seek new breakthroughs in design, and break into the forbidden zone that others have not set foot in. Innovation, for designers, should be an endless pursuit. (end)

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