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Innovation, make control simpler

hot June, passion summer, innovation, make control simpler Shenzhen Hexin automation seminar was grandly held in Yangtze Hall of Zhangjiagang international trade hotel yesterday

as the second stop of Shenzhen Hexin seminar, Yang Zhi, marketing director and Yang Xiaohuan, industry manager, combined with the characteristics of Zhangjiagang industrial control industry, shared with the guests high-performance automation trustplc products, copanel series high-end HMI products and automation solutions. If there are several machine tools or several operators working at the same time. In addition, the event is now a beautiful scenic spot of the exhibition, and different materials and samples are also prepared to implement different standards. The demonstration of multiple product system schemes is organically combined with theory and practice, so that customers can fully understand and skillfully use co-trust products in the shortest time, and personally feel the convenience brought by Hexin innovative technology to industrial control

as an emerging industrial port city, a famous national ecological city and industrial city, Zhangjiagang is known as the world's factory. At the leading industrial level, pillar industries such as machining, metallurgy and textile industry have a strong demand for all kinds of advanced manufacturing equipment, which has attracted the arrival of Shenzhen Hexin

in such a strong market, Shenzhen Hexin automation products have also received special attention from users. The guests were deeply impressed by the wonderful speeches and vivid demonstrations. They stopped at the product demonstration area to learn more about the performance and application of these products, and gave them high praise. The final lottery session sublimated the whole seminar. The customer representatives took the stage to draw the first, second and third prizes. The prizes were abundant and the winning rate was high

the successful holding of the Zhangjiagang station seminar not only welcomed many old customers, but also impressed many new customers. Even at the dinner, they were still full of praise for Shenzhen Hexin automation products, saying that today was the first time to have close contact with Hexin, and they were very satisfied with the high reliability of the products. It is worth mentioning that Hexin products will be selected in the future

Zhangjiagang is the last stop of this seminar in June. In July, the bright light of Shenzhen Hexin will shine on the most economically dynamic stone cities, Nanjing and Hefei. Welcome to visit at that time

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