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Innovation infinite China railway construction equipment has obtained more than 200 patent authorizations, and the cost of Johnson & Johnson graphene has decreased to 1/310 of foreign products.

innovation infinite China railway construction equipment has obtained more than 200 patent authorizations.

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accounts for 20.8%; Equipment patents with a journey of more than 1100mm are the world's largest source of technical information, including 90% to 95% of the world's scientific and technological information. For enterprise organizations, patents are the only key information disclosed to the public. They are part of the intellectual property rights of enterprises. Our experimental machines are worthy of the trust of customers. They are important intangible property

as of June 2015, China Railway Construction High Tech Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China railway construction equipment) has obtained 219 authorized patents, including 21 inventions, 173 utility models and 25 designs; There are 197 valid patents, including 21 inventions, 151 utility models and 25 designs

China railway construction equipment has been committed to the cause of large-scale railway maintenance machinery in China for many years. It is the supporting unit of the national large-scale railway maintenance machinery engineering technology research center, the national high-tech industrialization base of large-scale railway maintenance machinery, the national demonstration international scientific and technological cooperation base, and the national key high-tech enterprise. The company has established a complete industrial chain integrating R & D, manufacturing, sales, training, overhaul, parts supply and line maintenance (operation and maintenance) of large, medium and small road maintenance machinery, and is a leading enterprise in the field of railway road maintenance machinery in China

in recent years, China railway construction equipment has accelerated the pace of technological innovation, and the amount of patent authorization has increased year by year. In 2013, it obtained 47 authorized patents, including 2 items that are specially designed to facilitate the calculation of experimental requirements. In 2014, 51 authorized patents were obtained, including 6 invention patents, an increase of 8.5% over the previous year, and the proportion of invention patents was also increasing

in 2013, three patents of China railway construction equipment won the China railway construction excellent patent award, among which "combined railway ballast transportation machinery and its operation method" won the excellent invention patent award, and "track pulling alignment device" and "automatic control device for opening and closing of bottom beam excavation" won the excellent utility model patent award respectively

in 2014, four patents of CRCC high-tech equipment won the China railway construction excellent patent award. Among them, "turntable conveyor" and "a dirt blowing and suction device on the side of railway track bed" won the excellent invention patent award respectively, and "a main line turnout stabilizing vehicle" and "a dirt collecting device integrating gravity and bag type dust removal" won the excellent utility model patent award respectively

China railway construction equipment is striving to build a manufacturing center of the world's railway engineering machinery, a technical center, an experimental testing center and a training center of the world's large railway maintenance machinery, become the most competitive and world-class well-known enterprise of railway engineering machinery in China, and build a world-class railway maintenance machinery and equipment base

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