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Innovation lights up the green rise of science and technology new city livable new city release date: Source: Panzhihua

in July 2019, Panzhihua Municipal Party committee made a decision to speed up the construction of "two cities", and the construction of Panxi science and technology city opened

here, innovative forces are condensed, industrial vitality is stimulated, and development potential is accumulated

in the past year, Panxi science and technology city has closely focused on the three development orientations of "regional scientific and technological innovation and industrial incubation center", "five regional highlands" highlight area, and Panzhihua citizen center ", focusing on project construction, and has made a series of breakthroughs in laying the foundation, cultivating industries, strengthening investment attraction, expanding opening-up, building ecology, and improving the environment. A city suitable for industry, living The modern city that is suitable for tourism can't change the situation of the whole year in the fourth quarter. The new city is rising strongly, and a vast picture of a new scientific and technological city with reform and opening up and innovative development is slowly unfolding

one year after installing high-precision hydraulic sensors on the dynamometer of the original experimental machine, the investment in fixed assets of Panxi science and technology city increased by 17%; 6.4 billion investment promotion funds were available, with a growth rate of 25%; The funds for issuing local government bonds were 796million, and the funds in place were 1.9 billion; There are 110 reserve packaging projects with a total investment of about 131 billion

let innovation become the "beauty" of development

only with innovation can there be a future

from the incubation of scientific and technological achievements to the cultivation of emerging industries, from the innovation of system and mechanism to the construction of innovation platform, Panxi technology has stipulated the oxygen index of wall insulation foam materials, and every link of city construction is driven by innovation, constantly seeking new breakthroughs

Panxi 1. Accuracy level of experimental machine: Level 1 science and technology city is based in Panxi and looks at the whole country. In the name of "science and technology", it highlights science and technology leadership and innovation drive, and mainly undertakes the mission of gathering high-end resource elements, driving scientific and technological research and achievement transformation, and building a comprehensive high-end "big science and technology" urban new area. Relying on the construction of three innovation platforms, namely "innovation base", "headquarters base" and "digital economic port", we will promote the accelerated agglomeration of industry, capital, talent, technology and other essential resources, take Panxi science and Technology Industrial Park, talent apartment and other projects as an important starting point for investment attraction and talent attraction, and explore unique, reproducible and sustainable paths for investment attraction and talent attraction, It has attracted more than 10 large institutions and high-tech enterprises, including the national vanadium titanium magnetite comprehensive utilization Standardization Technical Committee, the national health care industry standard committee, the national vanadium titanium technology enterprise incubator, the national small and medium-sized enterprise public service platform, the Panzhihua Steel national vanadium titanium new material industry innovation center, the longmang Bailian Group Research Institute, the national technology transfer center of Sichuan University, and the Panzhihua human resources service industrial park, It has laid a foundation for promoting scientific and technological research and development, developing digital economy, sunshine health care and cultural and creative industries, and improving the quality of modern service industry

only by accelerating reform and innovation can we stimulate the new vitality of the system and mechanism and give birth to the new driving force of development and opening up

new vitality and new impetus come from the management system and operation mechanism with innovative connotation

Panxi science and technology city gives full play to the policy advantage of "first try", adheres to innovation guidance and institutional mechanism reform, builds a government service center of Panxi science and Technology City, and orderly undertakes government services, supervision and management, and comprehensive law enforcement matters. In accordance with the "(Trial), a series of supporting policies for investment promotion with distinctive objectives have been formed. Internal institutions have been adjusted and optimized, functional responsibilities such as investment promotion, industrial development, construction management and fund-raising have been refined, management systems such as the implementation measures of performance objective management have been formulated, and a mechanism for institutional management and performance supervision has been formed. The" government enterprise linkage "has been promoted, the financing capacity of platform enterprises has been enhanced, the stock debt has been resolved steadily, and the safety of the capital chain has been ensured, Coordinate the deployment of staff and enhance the working force

let the foundation become the "bright color" of development

through the UAV lens, overlooking the Panxi science and technology city from high altitude, the construction sites of the third line construction Cadre College, Panxi science and Technology Industrial Park, Huacheng new area hospital, humon Jiaxiang school and other projects, a busy scene... As the main battlefield for the construction of "two cities", Panxi science and technology city has pressed the "fast forward" button since its establishment last July to carry out high-standard planning and efficient construction, Gradually turn the "blueprint" into reality, and comprehensively set off a new upsurge of project construction

Panxi science and Technology City focuses on improving urban functions, strengthening the construction of infrastructure projects, and actively building a model new city suitable for industry, living and tourism. In accordance with the requirements of building a modern transportation system of "internal and external connectivity and regional connectivity", on the basis of early construction, we will comprehensively start and rapidly promote the infrastructure construction of the core area duren area. Fengqi road and other main roads, Kechuang road and other secondary roads have been completed and opened to traffic, with 16.35 kilometers of roads and bridges. We will spare no efforts to promote the construction of the North-South extension of sunshine Avenue, Ronghua Road, almond tree road and other road projects, and improve the traffic road system. At present, the "two horizontal and three vertical" skeleton road in Duren district has basically formed. Accelerate the construction of municipal projects such as water supply hub, urban parking lot and public security infrastructure of Panxi science and Technology City, and improve the comprehensive carrying capacity of the city. At present, water, electricity, gas, communication and other integrated pipes are fully connected

people's longing for a better life is our goal. It is an important mission to build Panxi science and technology city into a highlight area of "five regional highlands". Education, medical treatment, culture and other urban elements are closely related to citizens' lives, and are an important source of people's sense of gain, happiness, pride and belonging

to this end, in the construction of Panxi science and Technology City, we should firmly establish the people-centered development idea, focus on the development and construction work, live up to the ardent expectations of the people, and focus on building an outstanding area of "five regional highlands", accelerate the promotion of Huacheng new area hospital, Municipal Women's and children's Hospital, humon Jiaxiang school, Tianxing primary and secondary schools, citizen health sports park, citizen center phase II (Urban Exhibition Center) The third phase of the Civic Center (third tier Cultural Square), third tier construction Cadre College, three museums and one Academy (Cultural Museum, art museum, intangible cultural heritage exhibition hall, Grand Theater) and other projects will carefully build landmark buildings and public leisure, fitness and entertainment venues, deeply tap the third tier culture and local history and culture, and further improve the quality of life of residents and the image of the city

let green become the "background color" of development

high starting point and new dream. Panxi science and technology city insists on giving priority to ecology and strives to build a green ecological city

after passing Panxi science and Technology City, careful citizens found that the greening landscape of Huacheng Avenue, sunshine Avenue and other roads was "beautiful", and the "beauty" improvement made the science and technology city everywhere. People either stopped to watch, or took photos as souvenirs, which made their mood more comfortable when traveling

in the construction of road greening landscape, combined with the functional positioning of "rapid welcome, urban leisure, cultural display" and the characteristics of surrounding land, nearly 100 kinds of arbors, shrubs, ground cover plants are combined to form the scene, decorated with different forms of landscape layout, highlighting the unique style of "simple atmosphere, four seasons with flowers", "ecological livability, integration of urban scenery", "wonderful fashion, vitality". Now, from greening to colorization, from ecological landscape to ornamental landscape, the quality of greening landscape of Panxi science and technology city road has been constantly upgraded, bringing citizens a pleasant feeling

the competition of cities in the future is the competition of development environment. To improve the urban quality and connotation of "hero Panzhihua · sunshine and healthy land", it is more necessary to create the characteristic landscape of mountain cities

Panxi science and Technology City highlights the natural features of mountain cities by combing mountains, managing water, extending green, building beautiful bridges and camp cities, and creates urban park landscapes such as xiaoshitan, Tianxing lake and Xiaoyou garden in administrative plots, striving to build an urban ecosystem integrating mountains, water, forests, gardens and cities, and combining points, lines and areas, so as to speed up the construction of smart cities and park cities

keep pace with the times, open a new chapter, take advantage of the momentum and start again! As the "hard core and heavy weapon" of Panzhihua to fully promote the construction of the Chengdu Chongqing twin city economic circle, Panxi science and technology city is accelerating the construction of a modern new city with a harmonious and unified "people, city, environment and industry", striving to build a window for the high-quality development of Panzhihua and a paradise for citizens to live a high-quality life, striving to build an important engine to promote the construction of the Chengdu Chongqing twin city economic circle, and playing a new role for the hero Panzhihua to go to the national strategy and innovate again, Make new contributions

dynamic science and Technology City, open science and Technology City, on the road of innovative development, leapfrog development and high-quality development, full of pride, stride forward, will create a more brilliant future

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