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Endless innovation Zhejiang Dingli has won four invention patents

endless innovation Zhejiang Dingli has won four invention patents

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for enterprises, invention patents are not only a sharp tool to participate in market competition, but also a standard to measure their own scientific and technological innovation degree and independent innovation ability. Recently, four patents independently developed by Zhejiang Province, including "an aerial work platform lifting arm with safety detection device", "a wheel beam welding structure for 30 college students from Zhejiang University of technology", "a scissors aerial work platform" and "an aerial work platform", have also given us a lot of bargaining space. With its leading technology, creativity and practicality, Obtain the invention patent authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office

up to now, Zhejiang Dingli has obtained nearly 200 patents, including 50 invention patents

Zhejiang Dingli has obtained four invention patents

"an aerial work platform lifting arm with safety detection device", patent authorization number zl 7。 The invention discloses a lifting arm of an aerial work platform with a safety detection device, which comprises a lifting arm and a safety detection device. The safety detection device includes a limit controller, an angle sensor and a pressure sensor. The limit controller can limit the rotation angle of the first connecting arm or the second connecting arm, the angle sensor can detect the rotation angle of the first connecting arm or the second connecting arm in real time, and the pressure sensor is used to detect the oil pressure in the hydraulic telescopic rod. Therefore, the safety performance of the connecting rod lifting device is greatly improved in the lifting process

"a welded structure of wheel cross beam", patent authorization number zl 5。 The invention discloses a mechanism for turning off the power supply and unplugging the power plug of the wheel beam welding joint. Using this structure, not only the structure of the wheel beam is simplified, but also the rotating groove of the mounting base used to accommodate the wheel mounting base is stamped with a whole steel plate, which not only reduces the manufacturing cost, but also has a more firm structure and a more reasonable spatial layout

the achievement of these patent achievements has provided strong scientific and technological support for technological innovation and the vigorous sustainable development of Zhejiang, and will play a more important leading role in product structure adjustment and industrial upgrading

as the leading enterprise in the domestic aerial work platform industry and the first listed enterprise, and also the drafting and formulation unit of China's national and industrial standards for aerial work platforms, Zhejiang Dingli has established Dingli European R & D centers abroad and provincial enterprise research institutes in China, bringing together global technology R & D elites, strengthening R & D and design, and actively carrying out technological innovation, In terms of invention patents, it has reached a higher level in the same industry in China and even in the world

adhering to the concept of "science and technology is the first productive force", in recent years, Zhejiang has made great efforts to formulate intellectual property strategy around the core business development plan, formed a sound intellectual property management system, achieved obvious results in the creation, protection and transformation of intellectual property, and further enhanced the core competitiveness of the company

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