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LEM once again joined hands with colleagues in the industry to seek a plan for the development of new energy. Beijing, China, December 18, 2008 -- LEM electronics, the world's leading manufacturer of current and voltage measurement components, recently jointly organized "inverter world" and "power world", and successfully held the 2008 second "innovative technology and solutions for power electronic devices" seminar (pecits2008) in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Xi'an. The meeting was strongly supported by semicon (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Yingfeng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

the theme of the conference is "power electronic device technology and solutions in renewable energy". About 150 experts, professors, enterprise leaders, technical engineers and friends in the industry attended the conference. At present, when vigorously developing and utilizing renewable energy and realizing the sustainable development of energy have become the fundamental way to solve the current energy shortage in China, many frequency conversion, power supply, servo manufacturers and system integrators have focused on the wind and solar energy market, developing and producing corresponding frequency conversion, servo, power supply and other power electronic device products, among which the power electronic device technology will determine the level of the device. In order to make many frequency conversion, power supply, servo manufacturers and system integrators deeply understand the demand for power electronic devices in renewable energy fields such as wind and solar energy, and more importantly, understand how the latest power electronic device technology and products help them produce higher quality frequency conversion, power supply and servo products, so as to meet the demand for high-performance power electronic devices in wind and solar energy fields, The meeting focused on the latest power electronic device technology and power electronic technology solutions in the field of wind and solar energy, and paid great attention to the rail transit industry which is developing at a high speed

at the meeting, Lyme also brought a series of electric sensor products with a wide range of applications, focusing on industry, railway, energy and automation, and the automotive market. At present, electric quantity sensor has become one of the essential and important detection links in power electronic products. Every year, millions of power electronic products are put on the market to serve China's manufacturing, transportation, energy, communication and other fields. Beijing Lyme has provided the market with nearly a thousand kinds of electricity sensors suitable for different measurement ranges, with the measurement range of current from 0 to 20000A and voltage from 0 to 6400v. The product principles are diverse, including open-loop, closed-loop, C, it, rogoshi, etc

Zhang Zonghui, general manager of Beijing Lyme electronics

the industrial market is the most mature and largest market of Beijing Lyme at present, such as frequency converter, servo, power supply, ups and electric welding machine. With the continuous development of new energy technology, new energy such as wind energy and solar energy, as pollution-free, renewable and efficient green energy, is being recognized and used by the public. Beijing Lyme also pays attention to the development of the new energy industry, For the new energy market (regularly check whether the anchor screws are loose and suitable products and solutions; the railway market is also the traditional market of Beijing Lyme. As early as the 1980s when Beijing Lyme entered China, it has occupied a very important position in the railway market. In view of the particularity of the railway market, it has developed and manufactured different types of products that adapt to the railway environment and standards. In the field of energy and automation, Beijing Lyme pays attention to battery monitoring and building electricity Monitoring and other fields, and launched an innovative whole process solution that leads the world's technological level. Domestic diaphragm enterprises still lack a stable supply source of diaphragm special materials that can truly meet the demand in terms of materials. The intention market of the car to control the movement of the beam is the emerging market and the most promising market of Beijing Lyme. With the development of the hybrid electric vehicle and fuel cell vehicle market promoted by the National 863 program, it has also become one of the advantageous markets of Beijing Lyme in the future

about LEM

as a market leader in the sensor field, LEM can provide customers with new technology and high-quality electrical parameter testing solutions. Its core products are current and voltage sensors, which are widely used in industry, railway, energy and automation, automobile and other fields. As a rapidly developing global company, Lyme has 1000 employees worldwide, and has production centers in Geneva (Switzerland), Machida (Japan) and Beijing (China). Sales offices around the world can provide considerate services to customers all over the world. LEM group was listed on the Swiss stock exchange in 1986 (Stock Code: Lehn). Beijing Lyme Electronics Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned company of Lyme electronics in China. It has sales offices in various regions to provide global seamless services to Chinese customers. Please visit Lyme China official website for more information

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