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Lihua international corrugation exhibition 08: Qingdao Jiayou reproduction harmonious corrugation

Qingdao Jiayou Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is a famous professional manufacturer of packaging machinery to check whether there is abnormal sound and vibration before the experiment. It has a history of 17 years. Its computer thin knife longitudinal cutting indentation machine, computer spiral knife transverse cutting machine, thin knife slitting indentation machine, thin knife honeycomb paperboard dust-free slitting machine, semi-automatic box gluing machine and other famous products at home and abroad, It is exported to Germany, Japan, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and other countries, of which the sales volume of thin knife slitting and indentation machines has been close to more than 2000. Adhering to the idea of independent R & D and innovation, it puts an end to all flashiness, adheres to innovation for practicality, and truly realizes the rise of Jiayou manufacturing to Jiayou creation

the direct connected high-speed computer spiral knife crosscutting machine independently developed and manufactured is the new crosscutting machine with the highest speed and the most energy-saving for cutting short paperboard in China at present. When cutting 500mm long paperboard, the speed can reach 120 meters/minute, saving about 30~40% power

the computer thin knife longitudinal cutting indentation machine, which is independently developed and manufactured, has obtained national patents for its passive knife sharpening device, three types of line pressing type conversion, 0 line pressing type (the minimum line pressing can be 0), wool roller type knife holder to effectively prevent knife crushing and other technologies, and is the first user of China's advanced longitudinal cutting indentation machine technology

the single tile vertical and horizontal cutting unit independently developed and manufactured integrates the functions of vertical cutting, horizontal cutting and paper receiving and finishing after the tile mounting machine, which not only saves the working place, realizes high speed, high efficiency, high energy saving, but also realizes the high quality of products

over the years, Qingdao Jiayou has always been a long-term partner of Lihua exhibition. I clearly remember that at the 2007 Lihua International Corrugated exhibition, there were an endless stream of visitors in front of the Jiayou booth. According to statistics, at that time, Qingdao Jiadan Ningbo had a great harvest at the exhibition. Qingdao Jiayou collected more than 1000 business cards at home and abroad, received more than 600 interested customers, and signed 29 contracts on site, all of which were the highest in history. After the exhibition, Qingdao Jiayou received a large number of inquiries and orders at home and abroad, and the good exhibition effect lasted for a long time

in the face of Lihua International Corrugated Exhibition 2008 China exhibition to be held in Houjie, Dongguan, Qingdao Jiayou attaches great importance to it and regards it as the largest and most influential corrugated box packaging event in China in 2008. At present, all employees of the company regard participating in this exhibition as an exciting event. At that time, Qingdao Jiayou will give a performance on the exhibition area of 108 square meters, Bring more sophisticated products and technologies to the industry

song Jialin, general manager of Qingdao Jiayou, said that a good exhibition platform can help Qingdao Jiayou realize its wish to meet with many old users in a short time, and the use of relevant equipment, the latest needs and technological development can be understood through face-to-face communication; At the same time, the exhibition platform enables more new customers to come to Jiayou. The on-site machine display can cause more customers to have a strong interest in Jiayou products. It is hoped that by then, the first inkjet head will be displayed at Lihua International Corrugated Exhibition 2008 in China, adding a layer of silicone field at room temperature, and more professionals in the carton industry can come to Jiayou booth 2C

successful Jiayou are worth cherishing, and more brilliant Jiayou will be created by hard-working Jiayou. At the new starting point of the 2008 new year, Jiayou will take advantage of the Olympic sail to make a new appearance at Lihua International Corrugated Exhibition 2008 China exhibition, and jointly create a harmonious corrugated industry with Lihua

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