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13 European mills of Liming heavy industry helped with the "oil to coke project"

13 European mills of Liming heavy industry helped with the "oil to coke project"

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in August 2014, Shaoxing, Zhejiang, was in a scorching sun. After fastening the last bolt, the after-sales engineer Yang Gong, whose face and body were covered with black oil stains, climbed out of the spiral case of mtw215 European mill with a tool, and the sound of smooth and powerful operation came into his ears. His heart that had been hanging for half a year was finally secure. This is his 29th day in Shaoxing and the last stop of installation and commissioning. So far, the glass production bases he has debugged, including Shaoxing, Liling, Zhangzhou, Heyuan, Changxing, Pinghu, etc., and 13 of Asia's largest pendulum mills have been officially commissioned by Qibin group. These big players of Liming heavy industry have opened a new situation of energy conservation and environmental protection for Qibin group

recalling the first time when he came to the production base of Qibin group, Yang Gong sighed that the towering chimney, yellow smoke gushed out and soared upward, like a arrogant dragon entrenched in the air. Liming heavy industry's equipment has been installed and entered the commissioning stage. Even with 22 years of after-sales service experience, he still feels a pressure and: the faster the equipment is put into operation, the less fuel pollution to the environment. His six-month fast and slow commissioning work in the subsidiaries of Qibin group kicked off

in recent years, high pollution and high energy consumption have put the rapidly developing glass industry into an embarrassing situation. Jinan gold testing machine industry leader, as Yang gongchu saw when he arrived at the base, Qibin group was also here. For a long time, the backward kiln fuel system using traditional fuel heavy oil has become an important constraint to the development of enterprises because of its high pollution and high cost. Under the pressure of their own development and national environmental protection policies, many glass enterprises began to look for alternative fuels. As a large modern enterprise mainly producing and selling high-quality glass in China, Qibin group quickly found a solution - Taking the lead in implementing the "oil to coke project" in all subsidiaries across the country - adopting a new petroleum coke fuel system. Petroleum coke is a waste produced in the process of petroleum refining, which can be transformed into treasure after processing. As a new type of energy, petroleum coke has the characteristics of full combustion and high heat after grinding to a certain fineness. It can effectively replace heavy oil and fully meet the fuel requirements of glass kilns. The repeatability of the environmental conditions provided by the environmental experimental equipment is guaranteed by the national metrological verification department after passing the verification according to the verification regulations formulated by the national technical supervision organization, so as to find the equipment supporting the new petroleum coke fuel system, which has become the key to the success of the "oil to coke project"

after a long and detailed investigation and comparison, Qibin group focused on Liming heavy industry. Since 2013, liming heavy industry has successfully bid for the "king of mills" mtw215 mill with its high-performance products and professional overall solutions, winning the opportunity to reach strategic cooperation with six subsidiaries of Qibin group. For this project, liming heavy industry has established a special group for production organization, a special group for technical support, and a special group for logistics delivery and after-sales service. In the whole process of the project, from pre-sales process design to equipment supply, installation and commissioning, operation training, liming heavy industry provides an overall solution for solid fuel pulverization. The 13 largest swing mills in Asia can fully meet the requirements. It can also query the previous experimental process and results. Qibin group's grinding of various fineness of petroleum coke, and the two strong forces work together to improve the resource development and utilization rate into a reality

up to now, Qibin group's petroleum coke pulverization production line has been put into operation. The system operates stably, environmental protection and energy conservation, saving 30% of its production cost. So far, liming heavy industry has successfully assisted the perfect upgrading of furnace fuel system of glass production line of Qibin group! Yang Gong, who has experienced these changes, still habitually calls each site every day to ask about the operation of the equipment, so as to prevent any small problems from turning into major faults

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