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Unexpected and reasonable leap in lightweight thermoplastic polyurethane composites

15 years ago, the economic recession of Dow Chemical Company put the calibration password into Chris, its engineer: 761013 (shift the value bit with "←" key). It was a blessing for Edwar to adopt the tensile testing machine DS with ball screw as the servo system. He has been engaged in a composite technology, and the company is no longer interested in the commercialization of this technology

Edwards recalled that at a meeting on 4.5.1 hardness in 2002, William stavropoulos, the then CEO of Dow Chemical Company, announced: "if it is not profitable today and not profitable tomorrow, it will disappear on Wednesday."

Edwards thought, "maybe I can buy back my patent.". He is studying a lightweight thermoplastic polyurethane composite that can simulate dry walls, and has obtained more than a dozen patents. At the same time, he hates the idea that all this will only lead to a dead end

he said, "this is a special product. It will never be the product that the company wants to earn $10billion a year."

therefore, he proposed to the boss the idea of purchasing the company's patents

Edwards said that at first, Dow Chemical was reluctant and told him that he must obtain third-party verification of business potential in the form of venture capital. Enter Lindsay aspegren is a partner of North Coast technology investors, a venture capital firm closely linked to Dow Chemical

they reached a patent purchase agreement through negotiation. Fulcrum composites was finally acquired by North Coast for $600000, and officially separated from Dow Chemical in April 2004, for example, to save time, save energy and reduce costs

Dow Chemical continues to hold 21% of the shares and has now merged into a part of Dow DuPont

since then, fulcrum has developed a profitable niche market to provide products for high-end construction projects. The company employs five employees at a factory east of Midland downtown, and Edwards expects sales to reach $2million next year

fulcrum can install curved panels on the concrete columns of buildings, as light frames for circular windows, kits for curved arches, unique exhibition stands in museums, and any number of disposable items for building managers

the project of the museum includes a big castle, where children can climb not only on the "please touch Museum" in Philadelphia, but also on the horse displayed in the International Museum in Lexington

the super high-end Faena hotel in Miami Beach is a five-star hotel recognized by Forbes travel guide, which opened at the end of 2015. The hotel purchased 5000 fulcrum curved panels. Tesla showroom is also using them

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