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Restricting the continuous progress in the twists and turns of excessive packaging

the diversity of commodity types and the unique gift giving and face saving mentality of Chinese people have become the two major problems faced in solving the problem of excessive packaging. However, the innovation and attempts of the government and industry experts have not stopped because of this

Gan Zhongze, chairman of the urban construction and Environmental Protection Committee of the Shanghai Municipal People's Congress, pointed out that at present, there is a lack of unified judgment standard on how to judge whether commodities belong to excessive packaging, and it is very difficult to ban excessive packaging in general. Shanxi Juhua New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a strategic cooperation agreement between Shanxi Yuncheng municipal government and Chinalco Shanxi Aluminum Plant to jointly build Hejin aluminum industrial park. After signing, it is difficult to find a breakthrough, but if it is gradual, There is still a certain legislative space to start with the compression resistance of the sample and its height H0 into the reduction of commodity packaging. At present, several provisions on the reduction of commodity packaging in Shanghai (Draft for comments) have been basically formed and submitted to the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress for deliberation in July. The first draft of the draft defines the punishment standards for violations of compulsory norms: if a producer violates the compulsory provisions when packaging goods, the quality and technical supervision department shall order him to stop the illegal acts and make corrections within a time limit; If the seller violates the compulsory regulations on excessive packaging, he shall be ordered to stop selling first. If he refuses to stop selling, he will be fined more than 2000 yuan and less than 20000 yuan. The first draft also requires the media not to advertise or advertise goods that do not meet the mandatory standards for restricting excessive packaging

once the regulation is implemented, it will have a certain deterrent effect on packaging enterprises, which is undoubtedly a tear in the stubborn current situation of excessive packaging, which has been recognized by consumers. At the same time, industry experts are increasingly calling for the introduction of national regulations to limit excessive packaging

Dong Jinshi, executive vice president and Secretary General of the International Food Packaging Association, pointed out that it is unrealistic to formulate large and comprehensive regulations for thousands of goods, but this does not mean that we have to wait blindly. I once proposed a compromise plan. In which areas of products are the most severely over packaged, we should first formulate standards in which areas, and formulate supporting regulations. Each category of goods can also be subdivided according to the actual situation. Standards and regulations can be introduced as soon as they are mature, regulations can be amended, and laws can also be amended. The solution of this problem should not be stagnant, but should be gradually pushed forward and spiral up

in addition to legal restrictions on excessive packaging, finding solutions from the enterprise itself has also become a feasible path in the eyes of Dong Jinshi: in short, who produces, who handles. If you produce this package and sell it, you should be responsible for recycling, and the production enterprise should become the first person in charge of recycling the outer packaging of goods. However, such a recycling principle cannot be applied to all production enterprises. Some large enterprises face a national market, and it is difficult to establish a recycling system. For this problem, he believes that we can learn from the successful experience of foreign countries, such as entrusting a commercial company to recycle by paying fees. At the same time, the state should regulate and manage the recycling process from the institutional level, that is, the main characteristics of high-quality sensors are: long service life, stipulated recovery rate and punishment standards, and if the recovery rate of enterprises fails to meet the standards, they will be punished. This has two advantages: first, the packaging has been recycled. Coupled with the supporting transportation system and treatment system, it can solve the problems of environmental pollution, resource waste, employment and so on caused by waste to a great extent. The second is to effectively reduce excessive packaging. Once the packaging of goods is excessive, people who recycle waste products will choose to give up because the packaging is too complex and the splitting is too time-consuming and laborious. The production enterprises will either raise the recycling price to stimulate the packaging reflux, or face fines because the recycling rate is not up to standard. In any case, enterprises will pay more costs for excessive packaging. This situation will guide packaging enterprises to work towards safer, more environmentally friendly and more sustainable development. Simplifying packaging will become the ultimate choice for enterprises. He said

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