Operating procedures of the hottest jf1002 wax pre

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Jf1002 wax preparation machine operating procedures

machine information integration: jf1002 is used for low precision wax preparation machine operating procedures

1 Comply with the relevant provisions of the general operating procedures for casting equipment such as helical gear reducer (including parallel shaft helical gear reducer, worm gear reducer, bevel gear reducer, etc.), planetary gear reducer, cycloidal needle gear reducer, worm gear reducer, planetary friction machinery compatible with various special disinfection methods, uncontrolled, measuring, and operating 1-level structural gear reducer

2. Check the cold water pipe. If there is water leakage or blockage, inform the maintenance personnel to repair it

3. Check the two bevel gears. If they are seriously worn, notify the maintenance personnel to replace them

4. Jog the test run first, and then idle it for minutes to check whether the movement of the motor and reducer is too tight and loose. Production can be carried out only after everything is confirmed to be normal

5. When working, strictly control the cutting door of thin wax, and it should not be too large, which will affect the quality of wax

6. The wax scraper should be adjusted to a suitable position, that is, it can scrape the wax without affecting the operation of the drum

7. Prevent other items from falling into the mixing drum to avoid damaging the blades

1. If the drum sometimes stops rotating, stop to check the scraper and adjust it

2. Clean the site and remove the accumulated wax when cleaning the equipment. Click to view all industries (end)

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