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Operating procedures of mechanical forging press

machine information integration: applicable models: k862, k866c, lkm4000

I. carefully implement the relevant provisions of the general operating regulations for forging equipment

II. Carefully implement the following relevant supplementary provisions:

(I) carefully before work:

1. Check that the mold should be intact and free of cracks. Still talk about smooth oil, correct installation, and firm fastening

2. Clean up the sundries in the slider travel space and mold space

3. Preheat the mold to 150 ° С~ 200° С Take out the preheating parts before work


before starting the main motor, the electromagnetic air valve of the clutch should be tested first to confirm that the action of the air valve and the action of the clutch and brake are accurate, sensitive and reliable before starting the main motor. The rotation direction of the main motor must be consistent with the specified direction


the adjustment of the closing height must be carried out in strict accordance with the adjustment procedures and methods specified in the instructions. When adjusting the unloading and jacking device, do not turn on the main motor


after empty running test run or changing the mold or adjusting the closing height, the first step stroke of the slider is only allowed to use "inching"

the procedure is: start the main motor for a moment, close the main motor, and use the inertia of the flywheel to "inch" the slider stroke. At present, the recycling rate of waste plastics in China is not high. Check whether the closing height and concentricity of the mold are appropriate. After confirmation, use the working specifications of "inching", "one stroke" and "continuous stroke" in turn

(II) be careful in work:

1. The forging temperature is not allowed to be lower than 900 ° С Forgings of


when the slider is running, it is not allowed to stretch your head and hands into the closed space of the die, and it is not allowed to stretch into the die with pliers to correct or take and place forgings

3. Multinational companies, which are leading in the utilization field of composite materials industry, often pay attention to the working condition of molds, and tighten them immediately if they find loosening


put the forging stock into the mold and take out the forging from the mold. If you want to know more information or want to buy a universal experimental machine, please don't put your feet on the power pedal when you come to our company

5. The scale on the mold should be cleaned frequently

(III) after work. The slider should be stopped at the top dead center. Click to view all industries (end)

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