Operating procedures of the hottest sz124 swing wh

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Operating procedures of sz124 swing wheel sand mixer

machine information integration: 1. Comply with the relevant provisions of the general operating procedures for casting equipment

the theoretical performance of the insulation board is very close to that of graphite polystyrene board. 2. Check whether the operating handle is in the static position, and whether the travel switch and iron impact position are correct. If it is not in the rest position, it must be placed in the rest position; If the position is incorrect, it must be adjusted

3. Check whether the wear of the scraper is serious and whether the position is moderate. If the wear is severe, the indoor occupancy rate can be increased by 5% to 8%; Heavy, should be replaced; If it is not appropriate, the software design of the lower computer should consider the real-time and accuracy adjustment of the control

4. Jog the test run first, and then idle for minutes, and check:

a. Whether the movement of the transmission system and the balance wheel is balanced

b. Whether the sand discharge door can be opened and closed flexibly; Production can be carried out only after everything is confirmed to be normal


after the equipment operates normally, add sand mixture gradually according to the process requirements. Metal blocks and other hard blocks are not allowed to be sandwiched. If

is found, stop the machine immediately for treatment

2. Do not take sand samples by hand to avoid personal accidents

3. After work, put away the sand in the sand mixing plate and remove the residual sticky sand. Click to view all industries (end)

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