Operating skills of the hottest crude fiber tester

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Operating skills of crude fiber tester

operating skills and guidelines of crude fiber tester:

1 Dry the crucible to constant weight and record its weight to four decimal places

2. Put the sample dried to constant weight into the above crucible, and record its weight to four decimal places

3. Subtract the above two items and calculate the weight of the sample

4. Turn the three-way valve (i.e. unit control knob) under the instrument to closed

5. Put the crucible containing the sample into the instrument horizontally and accurately, and align it (when clamping/placing the crucible with the crucible, first stretch the tiger's mouth to a large enough size, and be sure to clamp it on the upper position of the middle part, otherwise it is very easy to overturn or break the crucible, and operate patiently and slowly)

6. Slowly press down the handle to make the digestion tube press the crucible (press down the pressing rod and pull it out to fix it, push it in and release it; when pressing down, be sure to check whether the crucible is straight, and when lifting up, be sure to move slowly, otherwise it is very easy to turn the crucible over)

7. Connect the power supply and condensate (turn on the tap)

8. Push key regions and enterprises to determine the acid hydrolysis (or alkaline hydrolysis) time first through the time button

9. Add the prepared acid (or alkali) (at first, the equipment is cold, so in order to maintain the same temperature and prevent the reaction tube from cracking due to temperature difference, so there is no need to preheat. If you change the liquid later, you need to preheat in advance) from the top of the instrument into the digestion tube; Inlet pump valve

10 Set the heating gear (generally select heating until the liquid boils)

11. Turn off infrared heating after acid hydrolysis (or alkaline hydrolysis), that is, after the time runs out

12. When the liquid is cold enough to stop boiling, turn the three-way valve to vacuum and turn on the peristaltic pump, Drain the liquid (if the liquid is drained very slowly, turn off the peristaltic pump, turn the three-way valve to the pressure gear, turn on the reverse blow pump, and then turn the three-way valve to the vacuum gear, turn on the peristaltic pump to discharge the liquid. The performance standard of mining anchor cable is mt/t94. Most enterprises in the plastic recycling industry only focus on those traditional and simple raw material recycling. 2 ⑵ 005, operate repeatedly until the liquid is drained)

13. After the liquid is drained, turn the three-way valve to the closed position. At this time, add the preheated aqueous solution for cleaning according to the experimental scheme, and then empty it. Repeat this step until the pH value is neutral

14. After the liquid is drained, turn the three-way valve to the closed position. At this time, add the preheated lye (or acid) according to the experimental scheme for alkaline hydrolysis (or acidolysis) (this corresponds to the previous acidolysis, that is, if the previous acidolysis is is carried out first, here the alkaline hydrolysis is carried out, and vice versa). Repeat the steps

15. Carry out follow-up treatment according to the experimental scheme, and finally clean the instrument with hot water. After cleaning, turn off the cooling water and turn off the power supply

16. Finally, the data are processed according to the experimental scheme and the results are calculated. Insurance compensation mechanism through the application of market-oriented means

17 Note: please refer to the specific methods for determining different components with this equipment. At present, the equipment has the following methods. If necessary, you can ask the equipment administrator for help

II. Rules for safe use of fiber tester:

1 The infrared heating tube and crucible can reach a temperature of 100 degrees or higher during heating and cooling, so in order to prevent the operator from being scalded, please put the heating protection plate on the outside of the crucible before starting work

2. During work, the containers and samples used must be consistent with the temperature of the instrument (about 100 ℃)

3. Please unplug the power socket before maintenance and cleaning, and the infrared heating tube, crucible and other containers must be cooled, and can be cleaned with wet cloth and non combustible and non corrosive cleaning agent

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